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United 4 Refugees Joint Fundraiser

Like many organisations in the world, I AM YOU has had to drastically change our way of operating and providing support in the wake of COVID-19.

As businesses and economies around the world are struggling to stay afloat around the world, grassroots organisations who rely on donations to continue to support some of the most vulnerable in the community are struggling to make ends meet.

Due to this, I AM YOU decided to join a joint fundraiser set up by Goodwill Caravan, that brings 7 organisations together who all support different aspects of the refugee and migrant population.

The fundraiser – United4Refugees, COOVID-19 Emergency fund was launched mid April by Goodwill Caravan, I AM YOU, Filia, Amurtel, Refugee Info Bus, Actions for Women and A.Ss.I.ST Chios

All donations, big and small will go towards supporting some of the most vulnerable communities.

Visit the link below to donate today!


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