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Ukraine update: War crimes on civilians

[Trigger Warning]

Human Rights Watch has documented several cases of war crimes by the Russian military. The document include cases of rape, murder, unlawful violence, threats against civilians, and looting of civilian property. Witnesses speak about the execution of men, women and children fleeing from basements of all ages, and targeting males for execution. According to the WHO, they have recently documented at least 200 verified attacks on medical facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. Several sources report violent cases of rape which mainly affect women and girls, but include both young, old, male, and female victims. In an interview with a Ukrainian ombudsman for human rights, Lyudmyla Denisova, she reported on a case of systematical gang-rape of 25 girls in the ages 14-24, where 9 of the girls became pregnant.

"About 25 girls and women aged 14 to 24 were systematically raped during the occupation in the basement of one house in Bucha. Nine of them are pregnant, […] Russian soldiers told them they would rape them to the point where they wouldn't want sexual contact with any man, to prevent them from having Ukrainian children."

Source: Human Rights Watch, Al Jazeera, TIME, BBC.


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