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Preschool Project Fundraiser

A Safe Space

I AM YOU's preschool project has been a constant at Ritsona Refugee Camp since 2016 and it's still going strong. Every day we open our doors for the youngest residents of Ritsona.

Children aged 2 and 3, participate in learning activities that support their cognitive, social, motor, language, and emotional development. We've had all-star volunteers supporting its operation with amazing partners that we've collaborated with throughout, and we're so very thankful for their commitment. We now have an amazing gift match incentive offered to us by a very generous donor ❤️

During this campaign, every dollar donated will be matched *if* and only *if* we reach the target. YES! A dollar for dollar match. This incentive will allow us to offer competitive pay for a full-time lead teacher, all supplies necessary to run preschool and also continue to provide operational support as needed. Reaching this target will run I AM YOU's preschool without gaps for 6 months! No amount is too small, every donation counts.


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