New Leadership in Greece!

We are proud to introduce you to Katina Saoulli (pictured to the left), the first non-founder to run I AM YOU in Greece. Katina has worked side by side with founder Damian Ardestani (pictured to the right) in re-structuring the organization and establishing our humanitarian programs during the summer.

“It’s with great gratitude and faith that I hand over my responsibilities in Greece to Katina. She has time and time again proven to be a reliable, hard-working and respectful leader that gets the job done. It is truly beautiful what I AM YOU has accomplished during my time here and I want to thank our management team, all of our dedicated volunteers and the refugee community for all the love and support. ” - Damian Ardestani

It’s been over 3 months since Damian moved to Greece and took over leadership from co-founder Rebecca Reshdouni who went on a well-deserved break after running I AM YOU's emergency rescue and relief operations in Lesvos for 6 months.

Damian will go back to the recording studio as XOV and lead our advocacy and awareness projects. Rebecca will focus on establishing a Swedish divison of I AM YOU that will help new arrivals in Sweden get integrated to society.


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