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Join our Co-Founder Rebecca Reshdouni at UC Berkeley!

In less than a year, I AM YOU has become one of the leading volunteer organizations operating within the refugee crisis in Greece. Over 400 volunteers from across the globe have joined the effort carrying out important assignments ranging from beach rescue operations, aid distribution and shelter allocation to camp management, education and medical transportation.

The organization was born on the island of Lesvos in October 2015, where over a million men, women and children arrived after risking their lives crossing the Aegan sea in rubber dinghies from Turkey. As the crisis evolved from immediate emergency response to long-term support during the spring of 2016, I AM YOU moved its base of operations to the Attica-region on mainland Greece, providing services to nearby camps. Since April, the organization has created life-saving programs and spaces for learning and expression through music, carpentry, painting and a wide range of activities for children and teenagers. Their mission is to continue improving the conditions for the thousands living in refugee camps around Greece, expanding our programs to impact more lives and create wider change, advocating for those displaced by war and persecution.

Come join Co-Founder Rebecca Reshdouni for an evening seminar where she discusses I AM YOU's activities in Greece.

Time & Date:

Wed, January 18, 2017

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST


125 Li Ka Shing Center UC Berkeley United States


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