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IAY Volunteer hosts Photo Exhibition

We are incredibly proud of one of our volunteers, Charlotta who wanted to raise awareness in her own community.

Living in a camp and labelled a refugee reduces you to a number. You become one of thousands, one who is widely perceived as cost, not as a resource. Last week, I AM YOU volunteer Charlotta held a photo exhibition in Helsinki, combating this narrative by showing daily life in Ritsona and Oinofyta refugee camps and the human stories behind the headlines and statistics.

The event was a success, with delicious food prepared by Café Damascus, a café run by asylum seekers from Syria, and music from the talented Iraqi music group, Baghdad Band. Alongside the entertainment was a program with information about the immigration policy in Finland and the situation in Greece now, with information provided by Erna Bodstöm, a researcher from the Helsinki University.

The first and biggest step is to stop thinking in the terms of ”us” and ”them,” and start saying “we” instead. We need to see possibilities instead of problems and build a better future for us all. If you are looking for ways to support the people behind the "refugee crisis" headlines, you can order photographic prints from the exhibition.

All proceeds go to I AM YOU and Do Your Email Charlotta at for print orders.


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