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IAY turns 3!

I AM YOU is 3 years old !

Help us continue our service work in protecting human rights and preserving dignity to those in displacement. Make a donation today by visiting our website

Please join us in celebrating our most current statistics: - Over 20,000 refugees served on the shores of Lesvos Island, inside Moria Camp & Registration Center and also at Ritsona Refugee Camp. - Over 600 volunteers from around the world have supported our mission in Greece and in their home countries. - Several projects were created in collaboration with diverse and inclusive organisations spanning all around the world. - Over 17000 followers across our social media platforms committed to staying informed about this crisis - Countless lives have been impacted because of our common humanity.

Thank you to the residents of Ritsona, our supporters, donors, the permanent team and all of our current and past volunteers from around the globe. It is because you live and breathe our mission: a world awakened to our common humanity, that we are able to continue. We strive to be the force leading the way as a global grassroots movement, sparking compassion through field work, volunteering and dialogue.


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