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For the last few weeks I AM YOU has been exploring possibilities to continue supporting families and sharing their stories across mainland Greece. A team of I AM YOU volunteers assessed several camps including Idomeni and Piraeus Port. This was done in close coordination with both local and international NGO's. After much searching, I AM YOU has decided to work in conjunction with Echo100plus and Lighthouse Relief at Ritsona Camp (about an hour North of Athens).

I AM YOU was born in Lesvos, Greece and will always have vivid memories of the work that we accomplished there. We would like to thank the locals of Lesvos for opening their hearts to both our volunteers and the refugees who passed through Moria camp and Mytilini. We made many local friends who were so accommodating and happy to help in whatever way they could. In the current crisis that we've found ourselves in, these supporting friends we made were a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Lesvos. We will never forget you.

It is still early days for us in Ritsona camp and we are dreaming big. Our volunteers are working hard to make all these dreams for the camp a reality and doing the best we can to help as many people as possible under the current circumstances. We will keep you all posted with the new developments that come to light in Ritsona Camp.


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