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Adult Education in Refugee Camps in Greece

For any adult, re-entering an education environment can be daunting. For camp residents who are operating under stressful conditions and may be traumatised, this is doubly true. 


Our ultimate goal through our adult education program is to:

  • build necessary skills

  • empowerment

  • increase the confidence, employability and adaptability of those who use the service.

Ritsona is in a remote location with no public transport, and adult residents have limited opportunity to access educational opportunities outside the camp. And most residents have limited competency in the two key languages needed, Greek & English. In short adults are left bored, demotivated and at risk of developing mental health issues. Long term, it means that there is no way for them to develop the skills they need in order to thrive on departure. 

We believe that aid is most successfully given by enhancing self-reliance and that currently access to English and Greek language education is the vehicle for that empowerment. 


  • Our curriculum ensures that students can begin using their new skills from the first lesson.

  • Our classrooms are designed as safe spaces where students can feel comfortable to learn, make mistakes and interact with one another. 

  • Our spaces are available for mixed genders and female only aged 18+.  


We envisage that in the long-term, the classes will give the camp residents more independence and opportunities later on, increasing the likelihood that they are able to steer in any direction they choose. 


We strive for our project to be as community-driven as possible and through dialogue with the community we identify the most important areas to work on. Furthermore, we involve the community in every subsequent step of the project, from syllabus design to classroom delivery. 

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