A list of all the activities that constitute I AM YOU's global impact.


Moria Refugee camp and beach rescue operations, Lesvos, Greece + global advocacy work

  • Responsible for the vulnerable cases compound at Moria refugee camp, providing shelter for over 800 people per night

  • Prepared and allocated shelter for thousands of new arrivals per week

  • Helped translate and register arrivals at the Moria registration center in collaboration with the Greek government and police officials

  • Partnered with the DRC, IRC, and UNHCR to conduct outreach and aid hundreds of vulnerable cases per month

  • Provided all volunteers on the island with warehouse items and coordination of thousands of warehouse donations (clothes, blankets, and food)

  • Rescued thousands crossing the Aegean sea by leading coordinated, long-term rescue efforts on the south side of Lesvos 

  • Established 5 mobile rescue units that covered a majority of the shores on the island and aided with emergency blankets, emergency supplies, and food

  • Partnered with the Red Cross to distribute food and nutrients at Moria refugee camp at a chaotic period where the population was estimated to be over 20 000 residents

  • Acted as a host organization for various diplomats, human rights activists, media outlets and more

  • Raised mass-awareness in Germany and Sweden through spokesperson appearances in nationwide media (TV/radio/press)


Ritsona and Oinofyta refugee camps, north of Athens, Greece + international research

  • Conducted an international needs assessment deploying volunteer groups to Idomeni, the Turkish side of the border, Bulgaria, and Serbia

  • Partnered with Lebanese organization's and visited Lebanese refugee camps

  • Established a transport and medical assistance program in direct collaboration with the Red Cross, and that served approximately 420 patients with vital services

  • Began to support the 2-5-year-old community in both Ritsona and Oinofyta with preschool activities due to a huge gap in educational activities for children of this age 

  • Created I AM YOUth, an activities program that led to hundreds of activities per month to support the children develop skills through play

  • Set up a three-class school for 6-12-year olds that was taught by residents who were teachers in their home state, marking the beginning of our journey in non-formal education activities

  • Implemented the integration of the 6-12-year olds into the Greek national education system and supported the community through the entire process

  • Provided the youth population (12-17 years old) with structured age and gender-appropriate activities 

  • Established a timber workshop and provided both materials and tools for the residents of the camp to create their furniture and household goods made 

  • Transformed an abandoned building into a blooming art space with painting classes

  • Established a recording studio and music center with workshops and concerts open for all

  • Arranged beach trips for hundreds of families when the temperatures in the camps were record-high

  • Established a library with books from all languages spoken in the camps

  • Received the Polar Music Prize cash prize, donated to I AM YOU by the official awardee, Max Martin

  • International film director Phil Griffin created the "I AM YOU" mini-documentary 

  • Sponsored a traveling exhibition of works of art that were created by camp residents, called The Rotating Box


Ritsona and Oinofyta refugee camps, north of Athens, Greece + Stanford and Berkeley

  • Continued providing transport and medical assistance to over 1 000 patients in two camps

  • Created a partnership with Early Childhood Intervention Program for the professionalization and sustainability of the newly formed pre-school program

  • Implemented our Children Safeguarding Policy across both camps

  • Organized and executed the Oinofyta Summer Camp and After School Camp providing learning and play activities 

  • Established the Children Friendly Space in Oinofyta providing them with a safe space where they could develop various skills

  • Expanded the youth activities in Oinofyta to include language classes, dance classes for girls and computer games for boys

  • Developed and implemented English language classes (mixed and female-only classes) for over hundreds of students

  • Created a beginner's computer class that was taught by a resident and focused on teaching basic computer literacy 

  • Established a social enterprise partnership with Love Welcomes creating paid jobs and skill development for women living in the camp

  • Enabled professional translation support for all organizations where needed 

  • Managed the Athens buses which at the time were the only form of mass transportation from the camp to anywhere

  • Provided Friday night movies for both adults and children that included popcorn and fizzy drinks! 

  • Held talks at Stanford University, Berkeley University, and Palo Alto University Club 

  • Arranged the Room 9 Exhibition in Greece featuring photographs by camp residents. The exhibit highlighted the hopes and dreams of the teenage girls living in refugee camps


Ritsona and Oinofyta refugee camp, north of Athens, Greece + international events

  • Provided vital transport and medical assistance to over 420 patients

  • Increased our services to provide transportation for 400 blood samples for patients

  • Integrated the 4-5-year old children into the formal preschool in Ritsona refugee camp 

  • Set-up and co-designed a self-learning Afterschool Club in collaboration with Armando Aid, enabling the children to narrow their knowledge gaps

  • Offered a summer school that focused on language and Social-Emotional Learning for the primary school-aged children

  • Designed and implemented a graffiti workshop with unaccompanied minors

  • Consolidated the language classes and provided English classes to approximately 400 students 

  • Hosted the Campfire Project - a group of internationally known actors, directors and industry professionals from Hollywood and Broadway that staged Shakespeare's The Tempest with the residents of the camp

  • Room 9 Exhibition was replicated in Brooklyn, New York featuring photographs taken by girls living in Oinofyta refugee camp 


Ritsona refugee camp, north of Athens, Greece and 3-year jubilee in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Established a preschool program for 2-3-year-olds only 

  • Renamed the preschool to Early Childhood Centre so that it better reflects our focus on the 2-3-year-olds

  • Designed and implemented a new, professional preschool curriculum 

  • Secured financial support to expand our preschool program to three more sites

  • Improved our adult learning and served approximately 400 students in English language classes

  • Designed and implemented a new curriculum that focused on functional learning to better support integration

  • Supported a short term job seekers workshop the served 24 students

  • Expanded our Greek classes to more than one day a week and taught approximately 60 students

  • Exhibited a photo essay of I AM YOU's contribution development at a gallery in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Arranged I AM YOU’s three-year jubilee in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Restructured all of our programming into three divisions;

    • FIELDWORK including our humanitarian programs Early Childhood Centers, Adult Education, and Arts Education

    • VOLUNTEERING focusing on volunteering opportunities in Greece and abroad

    • DIALOGUE focusing on our work with advocacy and global awareness 


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