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Early Childhood Centers in Greece

A program that provides 2-3-year olds routine, support and space to learn & overcome their trauma

We provide a safe and welcoming learning space for children aged 2-3-years old to:


  • Maximize their cognitive development. 

  • Minimize the impact of the refugee experience as a source of trauma in adulthood.  


0 – 6-year olds are at a key developmental age. These are crucial times for the development of a human being and has been scientifically proven that how time is spent at this age has a large impact on their health and resilience in adulthood. 


One of the worst things that a person that age can experience is trauma, instability and loss of primary caregivers. Children living through the refugee experience are exceptionally vulnerable to long term issues as they may not have support soon enough. 


Currently the 2 – 3-year olds living within the refugee camps have the largest need for support as there are limited projects and programs targeting this age group.  


The program includes an education space that is safe, consistent and focuses on the development of motor skills, social & emotional learning and cognitive development. We facilitate a daily schedule that provides lessons & activities, creative play, snack and circle time


An important part of a child's development also involves parental support. I AM YOU facilitates monthly meetings with parents, a progress report and stay & play opportunities. 

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