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Arts Education in Refugee Camps in Greece

An opportunity for adults and children to express themselves through creative means


Both our programs provide safe learning spaces for the community. Yet learning occurs in much broader ways then language and literacy classes. And though we have to focus on functional activities to ensure a faster and smoother integration process it is also just as important for a person to learn through play, creative expression and for fun not evaluation. 


We believe that it is necessary to educate holistically and therefore we have incorporated into our programming an element of “art education”. These activities are unstructured are revolve more around creative self-expression rather than academic learning. 


Classes in this area have spanned from arts & crafts to life drawing skills. Typically, our arts education programming rotates across all areas of the arts (music, drawing, drama) and we actively seek partnerships with other entities that can provide a more integrated experience for the residents to enjoy. 


Successful partnerships have included a graffiti project with the unaccompanied minors in the safe zone, a recording studio, art therapy classes, a book club and more. 

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