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IAY Welcomes Campfire Project for a 3rd time

At I AM YOU we work hand in hand and are always looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals and projects who aim for the same goals by pulling talent and resources from various organisations and communities to fulfil our mission.

One of our collaborations is with The Campfire Project. And we were excited to welcome them back for a third time! The effect they have on the residents of Ritsona is instant and long lasting. We’re always so happy to host them and love to share in their infectious energy and smiles.

One of their volunteer's, Ramzi, recently spoke to us about his experience. He stated "The fashion around refugees right now is that of division and hate, prejudice and bias - I know that music and dance breaks barriers." In collaboration with I AM YOU, that's exactly what happened during the workshops facilitated by The Campfire Project at Ritsona. Thank you Ramzi.


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