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IAY Marathon Fundraiser!

Last week, one of our amazing volunteers entered and ran part of the Athens Marathon to raise funds for our Adult English Programme! The rest of the team took a day trip to Athens to support from the sidelines.

“Adult education at camp is highly beneficial for the residents but it is underfunded. Beyond education our classes also help our students with integration, socialisation, remind them of their self worth. It is so much bigger than just English lessons.»

Eva, our English teacher for the adult classes, ran the 5 km Road Race of the Athens Marathon last weekend to fundraise for I AM YOU. The team came together to cheer for her and were impressed by her skills as a runner as she completed the race in just 32 minutes ! 🏃‍♀️Congratulations Eva ! 🎉

If you’d like to participate and donate you can do so by following the link below:


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