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A dynamic, international team working for sustainable change.




Saoulli (CY)

Founding Executive Director

Katina oversees all of I AM YOU's programs and operations in Greece. She ensures strategic delivery of our ethos and projects and works with the management team to ensure that all targets are met. Her focus is to ensure that I AM YOU becomes sustainable and have far reaching impact. She has extensive management experience within large communication firms in London. She is also a native Greek speaker. 



Ardestani (SE)

Chairman & Co-Founder

Damian chairs the board and I AM YOU's advocacy work. He is an award-winning recording artist and producer known as XOV. Damian has a leadership background and has always combined music with entrepreneurship. His latest employment was as the CEO for one of Swedens largest event companies. Damian also serves as an advisor for Human Rights Watch. His family came to Sweden as refugees from Iran when he was one.



Halfon (US)

Legal Council

Jay is an attorney representing leading foundations, charities and advocacy groups such as the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and The 11th Hour Project. He has extensive experience in philanthropy and non-profit management. Jay serves as director and general counsel of Sustainable Markets Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organisation that serves as host and sponsor for I AM YOU.



Figueroa (DR)

Board Member

Sabrina is a past volunteer and Operations Coordinator of I AM YOU in Greece. Her career was focused on supporting children’s academic needs in the United States, Japan and Qatar. Her career began as an education director, she then transitioned into a business operations role, continued on as a consultant and then finally became part of the teaching staff at an international school. She is currently working in Miami.


Jessica De Mattos (UK)

Operations Coordinator


Eseri (GR)

Field Coordinator

Matthew Campanella (IT)

Education Coordinator

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